Flexwall Conveyors

Flex Wall Conveyors can be used in a customer's application to eliminate the need for multiple conveyors. With the CI FlexWall conveyor you can convey a product horizontal, then vertically, then back horizontal within the same piece of equipment. The product is loaded on the flex wall through special inlets that place the product between the side walls of the belt. This keeps the product from falling off the sides of the belt. There are also formed cleats spaced on the belt as needed for the product that is being conveyed.

The cleats act as a bucket to carry the product vertically. This is very similar to a bucket elevator. Using a Flex wall conveyor will help control the cost to maintenance with less spare parts needed to keep on hand. Using one electric motor on the drive verses having three motors will provide a cost savings. With the advantages listed above it is easy to see why a CI FlexWall is a clear choice in the right application. Our experienced Sales and Engineering staff are waiting and prepared to help you with all your material handling equipment needs.