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  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are one of the most efficient ways of conveying bulk materials vertically and due to the nature of the equipment they typically maintain the integrity of the bulk materials being conveyed.

    Bucket Elevators are available in three basic designs:
    • Centrifugal discharge - buckets are mounted at a spaced interval, are loaded by scooping the product from the boot section or by feeding directly into them. The product is discharged by "Centrifugal" action as the buckets pass over the head pulley.
    • Positive discharge - these elevators are designed to operate at lower speeds and are suitable for handling light, fluffy and fragile materials, especially ones that have a tendency to stick to the buckets. Buckets are mounted at a spaced intervals, are loaded by scooping up material from the boot section or by feeding the material directly into them. After passing over the head pulley, the buckets are inverted over the discharge spout, thus providing a positive discharge of materials.
    • Continuous discharge - buckets are spaced continuously and loaded by direct feeding (in most cases). Product spillage into the boot section is minimized due to the close spacing of the buckets. As buckets discharge, the material flows over the proceeding bucket, whose front and projecting sides form a chute, to the discharge spout.

    Each of these designs specifically correlate to the bulk material's characteristics and the volume required for the application. Each of the Bucket Elevators can be customized to the specific needs of the application. They can be constructed out of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and other alloys. The buckets are available in a variety of materials and design types to further customize the elevator to the specific application. ... Our experienced Sales and Engineering staff are waiting and prepared to help you with all your material handling equipment needs.

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