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  • Hoppers, Bins & Chutes

    Hoppers, Bins, Chutes & Gates
    Conveyor Inc is the complete supplier for bulk material handling equipment. CI can offer a wide range solutions to complete your bulk material handling needs.
    Supplying accessory components such as:
    • Hoppers
    • Bins
    • Chutes
    • Gates

    These components connect each of your upstream conveying equipment inlets and discharges to the downstream. Conveyors Inc. is a single source for conveying equipment and accessory components allowing for peace of mind that each unit will be right and that everything will field fit as required. CI offers the hoppers and bins in all shapes and sizes tailored to fit the customer's needs. The chutes provide a seamless connection between pieces of equipment.

    Conveyors Inc offers gates in standard CEMA sizes as well as custom sizes to fit your needs. The CI gates can be operated by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical. This gives you and your customer a complete solution to their needs. Our experienced Sales and Engineering staff are waiting and prepared to help you with all your material handling equipment needs.

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    As a manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment, Conveyors Inc. strives to provide a quality product and superior service beyond what is normally expected. We, meaning each and every employee, are dedicated to the success of our customers.

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