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  • Screw Feeders
    Screw Feeders are similar to Screw Conveyors because they both move product from one process to the next, but differ in a very specific way. Screw Feeders have a flood loaded inlet and are specifically designed to meter the product at a fixed or variable rate where a Screw Conveyor is control fed and is designed to maintain a constant rate of discharge based on the control device feeding it. A flood loaded condition is usually identified by the bulk materials being stored initially in a hopper, silo or bin and then transported from these devices by the screw feeder. Normally the feeder screw will have a variable pitch under the inlet and then the balance of the flights will be full pitch.
    There are three basic Screw Feeder designs:
    • Variable Pitch Screw
    • Mass Flow Cone Screw
    • Tapered Flight Screw & Trough Combination
    Each of these designs complement the material characteristic requirements and convey the materials very efficiently. Our experienced Sales and Engineering staff are waiting and prepared to help you with all your material handling equipment needs.